Wednesday, December 14, 2005

things i did today (that i care to share)

woke up.
fed Bowie.
let Disco go into the yard to go pee and poo.
accidentally let Bowie eat all the jerky treats.
got a scoop of food for Disco.
vacuumed the house.
steamed the carpets.
started a load of white laundry.
emptied trash cans.
took down all the halloween decorations in the backyard.
put away an old mirror that was sitting on the picnic table.


Anonymous said...

You missed something.

Yelled at a kid for not saying good morning while she was rushing excitedly to watch her mother open her birthday gift.

Grabbed birthday gift from mothers hand when asked for help.

Lectured kid again.

Slammed some doors.

Let Bowie pee on carpet then yelled at gf to clean it up even though she was running late.

Steam clean bowies urine.

Slam more doors.

Slam door so hard the frame falls off.

Yell at gf because a crayon got in the laundry (which DOESNT stain)

Ruin a mile stone birthday.

zzzTimbo said...

nuh uh!

Blue said...

Ahh...what's one day? You're still great. :)