Friday, February 10, 2006

ANOTHER Girl Killed by MySpace Date!

duuuudddeee... beware of myspace.
Authorities said Brown met Gaumer on the Internet Web site While details of the relationship are unknown, police said Gaumer was a student at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, where he lived on campus. Police said he has no criminal history.

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Blue said...

Sadly, women are murdered every day by dates, boyfriends and husbands. Myspace is just one small teeny tiny avenue in which to meet a person. So "beware of leaving the house" might be a better statement.

People should be more worried about the half naked teens and pedophiles on that site.

Having said all that though; remember the time when there was a serious stigma attached to meeting your date online? I remember being totally shocked when I found out that was how my friend met her husband. Now it's a way of life for just about everyone, and unfortunatly, you can potray whoever the heck you want online, so you very well could end up with a nutbag who gained your trust on the net. It's so much easier to fall in love with a person you haven't even met. Isn't that weird?

Caution should ALWAYS be used when meeting a new guy.
I used to do double dates in a public place only.