Thursday, March 16, 2006

woe is me

i had a cavity in my tooth filled today. 

now i remembered why i hated dentists as a kid. i think i hated them more than going to the doctor. the discomfort of an immunization shot to the arm lasts only moments. the discomfort of having topical anesthetic applied to the inside of your mouth, then having lidocaine injected in your mouth in various places, and then hearing and feeling the drill and smell the ground up tooth.. that seems to last forever. 

oh a  side note: i found out last night that my local library has some good movies. there was run lola run and  sideways available (i've seen them both). i wonder if they have the marathon man. this is the movie where dustin hoffman is tortured with a dentists' drill. 

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Blue said...

Poor thing. I'll make you soup tonight. *Hug*