Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh no, Wil Wheaton is wearing Steph's tshirt.

Now washedup movie stars are wearing tshirts that I buy. I bought this tshirt for Steph right before her bday alcohol binge.

Here's another smoe with the same barfing clown tshirt.

I once thought threadless.com was cool because no one knew about it. If I bought a shirt from there, I deemed it very low on the probablity scale that I would encounter another human being with the exact same shirt.

This is no longer the case.

I remember seeing someone at a club in Anaheim with my bird with a jetpack tshirt (I've also been told it could pass as poop with a rocket). I have seen someone with my once favorite sad robot - unrequited love tshirt eating ramen in Little Tokyo, though her tshirt was yellow and mine is green.

Coolness by obscurity is no longer! Well... at least for threadless tshirts.

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