Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cease and desist letter from's lawyer.


PENIX said...

Kevin needs to stand up and give the finger to the trademark office and just let it fly. Who gives a shit if you use "digg" in something?

I'll probably be getting a letter like that soon for my yet to be released site. If they hassle me, I'm giving them the finger.

Anonymous said...

Spoken with true ignorance, penix.

If companies register trademarks, and do NOT pursue infrigments, they stand to lose all rights to that trademark.

I think the letter is quite reasonable, as they are not looking to shut down the site, only to remove infringing trademark usage.

It would be quite entertaining to see you give them the metaphorical phinger -- refusing to comply is always sign of being reasonable and respectful of the rest of the world around ya...